16th Central European Workshop on Services and their Composition

February 29 - March 1, 2024 in Ulm, Germany


ZEUS focuses on the discussion of fresh ideas, the presentation of work in progress and the establishment of a scientific network between young researchers in the region.

Discuss fresh ideas

We offer a forum to discuss ideas at a level that is more work-in-progress than in a traditional conference. We thereby want to attract especially PhD students in the early phases of their work. Participants can get feedback from outside their group before submitting a paper to a conference. This makes ZEUS a great opportunity to discuss ideas.

Practice scientific work

We see the ZEUS workshop as an opportunity to practice the whole range of scientific work. We do not put the sole focus on the submitted papers themselves, but also on the presentations and the discussions during the workshop. To this end, we hand out a Best Presentation Award since 2010 at the end of the workshop to appreciate high quality presentations.

Establish contacts between young researchers in the region

We aim at bringing together young researchers who work in the same geographic and the same scientific region. This way, we would like to provide an opportunity for people to establish a scientific network that can be intensely used, including mutual visits at affordable costs. The workshop will serve as a platform to present current research ideas and research directions.