Welcome to Ulm

How to get there

The workshop will take place in the Villa Eberhardt in Ulm. The address of the villa is:

Villa Eberhardt
Heidenheimer Straße 80
89075 Ulm

You can get to Ulm by car (via the A8 or A7), train, or even plane (Munich Airport, Stuttgart Airport). You can also find more information on how to get to the conference venue on the website of the villa.

Where to stay

The B&B HOTEL Ulm is close to the main train station and the city centre where the social event takes place. Line 4 will take you directly from the hotel (Ehinger Tor station) to Villa Eberhardt (Steinhövelstraße Steig station). The Safran Berg Hotel is nearby to the conference location. And the Schiefes Haus is located in the city centre and is a famous spot as the most crooked hotel in the world.

Sights in Ulm